Configuring Echolink On Your Allstar Node

It’s a good idea to have a second Echolink node if you are planning on using this feature on your Allstar node. One account will be used for your actual Echolink node and the second account will be for you to personally use to connect to your newly configured Echolink node.

You can go to the Echolink website to validate a second Echolink node. Echolink allows you to select a -R or a -L after your call sign.

You can refer to: and click on validation for more details.

Also, you will need to know your Echolink node # to configure it on your allstar node. To find your node# simple open Echolink and search your call sign. Then click on your call sign and it will show you yournode #.

Step 1:

Attach a monitor and keyboard directly to your Allstar node or simply SSH into your node.

Step 2:

From the main menu please select option # 9 – “Start Bash Shell Interface”. This will take you directly toa prompt in the asterisk directory.

Step 3:

Type nano and press enter. You should see the following:

Step 4:

Use your arrow keys to navigate up and down to replace the text after each equal sign that shows

“ ;change this!” After it.

For example:

call=W3XYZ-L should be changed to call=(your echolink call)

Pwd=xxxxxx should be changed to pwd=(your echolink password)

Follow this format all the way through the file being careful not to add spaces anywhere or remove any semi colons. (Semi colons tell the file to ignore any text after them on the same line).

After you have made all your changes and checked to see if they are all correct, you need to now savethem and exit as shown in step 5.

Step 5:

Since we also need to save the file to a new file name, the usual save process will be a bit different.

Press “Ctrl and X” and you will see the following at the bottom of your screen…

Click the letter Y then you will see this at the bottom of your screen….

Now hit your backspace key 3 times to erase xxx and replace it with the letters conf. It should look like this…

Not hit your enter key and you will see this screen…

Type the letter Y and it will take you back to the asterisk directory prompt.

Step 6:

Now type the word exit and it will return you to the main menu.

Step 7:

Select menu item # 15 to reboot your node.

If you did everything correctly you will be able to connect to your node directly through Echolink!

If you need to go back and edit your echolink file, return to step 2 and in step 3 use the command “nanoecholink.conf now instead of nano that you used initially.

*Don’t forget to save your file after editing each time and always reboot your node after saving for the changes to take effect.