Getting Multiple Nodes to Talk to each other on the Same Internet Connection.

When you are using 2 or more nodes on the same internet connection, it is important to identify eachnode so the other node(s) knows how to find and communicate with it.

In order to define multiple nodes on the same internet connection, you must edit the RPT.CONF file which is located in the etc/asterisk directory.

If your node has all of the current updates, you can choose menu option 9 from the opening menu. It will read “start bash shell interface.

When you select menu option 9 it will dump you directly into the asterisk directory.

Once in the asterisk directory you need to edit the RPT.conf file by typing nano rpt.conf and hitting the enter key. Now, scroll down to nearly the very bottom of the page and you will see a section called nodes.

Follow example #1 below substituting your node #s, port #s and ip addresses to make the appropriatechanges.

Notice example #1 uses the local host ip address on both first lines. Do not change this unlessyou don’t get the results that you are looking for. In which case try example #2.

Don’t forget to save your changes when you are done editing the rpt.conf file.

You do this by pressing Ctrl and X together and then Y for yes followed by the enter key.

It is essential to reset your node for changes to take effect. You can use the command from aprompt or type exit and choose reboot from the main menu.

Example #1

(The node # that you define first will correspond with the raspberry pi node # you should be editing.

Example #2